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Watches that don’t require x-ray vision—just a pretty sizable savings account—to see what’s going on inside. Skeleton watches were practically made to be cherished. When you first lay your eyes on the exposed dial, it’s impossible not to appreciate the intricate workings of the timepiece. 

Prioritizing innovation, Elfinbook is the expert of releasing creatively designed timepieces with more affordable price.

Like a showy Ferrari or Lamborghini with a transparent window that reveals the engine, a skeleton Elfinbook offers a view of the watch equivalent: its movement. Traditional through and through, this men’s watch features a slightly-rounded square dial that’s home to a subtle intricate skeleton display. If you find yourself gazing longingly at your watch collection, admiring each glossy dial and sleek metal bracelet, it might be time to purchase your first skeleton watch.

The Elfinbook skeletonized watch - with that dial exposing all its complicated inner workings - was ample and visible proof of a piece’s bona fides. As quartz watches flooded the market, the skeletonized dial became a way for collectors to send up a flare signaling their piece’s superiority.